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Pizzeria Party is a relatively young pizzeria, which has nevertheless successfully positioned itself on the market of caterers. The restaurant serves local and international cuisine, dishes that will delight everyone. Ristorante & Pizzeria Party, has set high standards in terms of quality of food and services, following the latest trends in hospitality. Precisely because of these trends, they have expressed a desire to create a quality website that will bring their wide range of services closer to potential customers. They also want to always have a transparent current price list, with an emphasis on the possibility of food delivery.

Our team created one great site for the Party Pizzeria, with a unique design, using photos of the facility itself, as the basis for the site design. The site is designed with the Reservation page, which raises the interaction with clients to a higher level. We connected the website with the social networks of the pizzeria and thus increased the number of visits redirected from social networks. A mobile response version of the site was made with a large number of photos of real dishes and animations.

Our Methodology

Having in mind the needs of the client, we have divided the concept of website design into the following steps:

Content writing:

Gathering all the necessary information and content necessary to create a website. The client demanded that all the necessary info and photos be downloaded from the social network Facebook, and that all written content be done by a contest writer.

Design and development:

The client did not have special requirements for the design itself, except that it is dominated by photographs of the building itself and ready meals.

Site optimization:

Perform quality SEO optimization of the site, in order to position it as well as possible in the search engine.

Live release and final comments:

After the website was completed and released live, we continued to communicate with the client to possibly make certain changes, improve certain performance, and collect additional comments.


Successful content creation:

Content writer created content based on a detailed analysis of the market and competition, but also based on information received from the owner. We got content that is very simple, again effective enough and that invites site visitors to action through each section.

Simple and effective design:

The design of the pizzeria site is certainly unique, given that the photographs of the building itself served as inspiration for the design. The design of the website is dominated by color, which is the main color in the interior of the pizzeria. A large number of animations, the tab in which the menu was made, certainly contribute to the quality of the site in terms of graphics.

Responsive site:

The pizzeria website also has its own responsive version, so the pizzeria website can be accessed from all devices.

Successfully implemented optimization:

By inserting the main, key words, our team performed a good optimization of the site and thus positioned it well in the search engine.

The client was given a website, after detailed research of the market and competition, so that he can now compete with the leading competitors in his sector. So, now all the services and prices of the Party pizzeria are visible to potential customers, which certainly shortens the time required for sales to take place, increases interaction with potential customers, and leads to increased profits. With further marketing strategies, the pizzeria website has a great chance to become a favorite in the industry in which it is located.

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