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Dr. Slađana Petrović


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The dentist’s ordination of Dr. Sladjana Petrović is located in Dorćol, and it is modernly equipped and applies modern technologies in its work. Thanks to the professional staff of the ordination, a complete diagnostics and application of appropriate therapy is possible in one place. Having in mind how important quality presentation on a digital platform is for a modern business, the client turned to our agency for help.

The client already had a website and Mdeus was given the task of using the existing content to create a completely new presentation for the client. The client already had a logo, so our designers used already selected colors as a basis for the entire design. A large number of animations, photos that adapt to the text, custom designed icons, quality graphics, are just some of the things we did for the client. The goal was to get a functional, visually dominant, medical website, which will facilitate the client’s interaction with patients and which will set him apart from many others, which promote medical services.

Our Methodology

Mdeus has started cooperation with the client, following the next stages in the development of the project:

Collection of content:
The client had already written all the medical content and had all the photos, which he wanted to be found on the website. After we collected content, it was necessary to implement it meaningfully, so that each service provided by the client was accompanied by an appropriate photo or animation.

During the designing process, we followed the existing client’s logo and made a color selection based on that. We have designed a series of attractive, custom designed, icons that vividly explain the services provided by the client. We have created a section that serves to present our client, but also a special section that precisely determines the services that the client provides. We have linked individual sections to specific pages and in that way we have made the navigation throughout the entire site and its complex content a lot easier. To achieve the best possible results, when it comes to communication with website visitors, we set up a CTA(Call to action) button, created a simple contact form and connected the website to the social media platforms that the client owns. We complemented the visual effect by inserting a large number of photos, which are clearly listed through a series of sliders.


Answering the challenge:
For Mdeus, it is always a special challenge to successfully present content for a medical website. After researching the competition, our team found the right way to present why our client is the right choice and deserves trust.

Design adjustment:
Mdeus used all its knowledge and experience to give the client a presentable, professional, quality and correspondent website. The overall design merges with the message of the website and thus finding a particular service or recognizing a problem is much easier. Contact between the patient and our client has, through a large number of sections that call for action, a high percentage of success. We set up the possibility of online scheduling and thus shortened the time required for a appointment to take place. High-quality animated icons set our client’s website apart from the competition, and thus their services become recognizable. Graphic elements, animations and sliders with photos, made it possible for the client to present himself and his services in a quality manner.

Successfully implemented optimization:
Quality SEO optimization was performed on the site by adapting the site to search engines.

Final version:
After checking all the elements such as, functionality, loading speed and showing animations, the website got its live version, which fully satisfies the needs of our client.

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