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Approaching a design with a focus on speed, security, user experience and deployment, the Mdeus Solutions team did a great job very quickly.

We have been fully responsible for the successful functioning of Kolari for five years now. In order to precisely adjust all the processes on this website, the Mdeus team performed several smaller and larger interventions. We are proud to say that we continue to develop the online presence of Kolari Vision and help this business model grow continuously.

A quality website is essential for your online business. From a site that is focused on content and basic business services, through a responsive site with updates that are indispensable for its serious and functional functionality, to a fully functional sales platform, Kolari has come a long way. After unsuccessful attempts to successfully build the platform, the meeting between Mdeus and Kolari completely changed the course of events. Through a good discussion about where the site is located and the character of their business vision, we fully agreed on the further course of design, development and implementation of new functionalities.

We insisted on a stable website that can be permanently upgraded. It was refreshing for the client compared to his previous experiences, in which companies just wanted to get the job done as quickly as possible and take “easy” money. We quickly discovered that the creation of the initial website was outsourced to India and that the “local American developer” was only the coordinator. Another company left a hidden note in the code in which it apologises to all future developers who had to deal with the confusion on the site. We found the note and rolled up our sleeves.

As always, we approached the design with a focus on speed, security and user experience. During the development of the website, we implemented many well-adapted modifications of existing add-ons, performed countless upgrades and optimized all their web pages. We have created a backend that has significantly simplified the processing of orders and integrated through the necessary SEO improvements, very important for increasing Kolari’s Google rank. In addition, we have created a well-customized application for their website. The app displays photos sent by their customers. “My experience with Mdeus was so far above and beyond the services I received from other web design companies that I teamed up with him to start a new web design company,” says Ilija of Kolari Vision in his testimonial.

Our Methodology

The methodology of our work on Kolari Vision can be divided into several interrelated phases:


In the work on Kolari, the diagnostics included a detailed review of the code, detection of inconsistencies, dysfunctions and other deficiencies of various types and scope. We presented in detail to the client the conclusions drawn from this analysis and propose adequate solutions. The Kolari site was a really big challenge for us.

Web development:

Web development, ie (re)conception, design and creation of content for the web platform, is a practical realization of the insights gained during the diagnosis. Constant feedback with the client is necessary to determine the adequacy of the platform reconfiguration process, but it also enables permanent reporting to users of our services on the techniques and tools we implement on their websites. The people from Kolari were our ideal interlocutors, considering that they were quite interested in all stages of the process of working on their platform and gave very useful suggestions.

Designing and implementing an SEO strategy:

Designing and implementing an SEO strategy is a very important part of creating a website. Since the purpose of their entire site is sales, Kolari especially needed quality SEO, which can be updated in a timely manner and thus permanently enable high Google ratings and statistics. By meticulously creating their web platform, we have increased the loading speed, integrated the necessary SEO improvements, significantly modified the visibility of the presented products and optimized the way of presenting their content.

Creating attractive landing pages:

Creating attractive landing pages is essential to generating sales. MDEUS is working on designing specific landing pages for Kolari. A landing page is a standalone website that a person “lands on” after clicking on an email, ad, or other digital location. When they reach your landing page, users are encouraged to take action, such as joining a list or buying a product. In the case of Kolari Vision, MDEUS is working on creating landing pages for its best-selling camera filters.


By rebranding the landing page, MDEUS has helped Kolari improve its digital identity. When working on rebranding, it is necessary to keep the main structure of the brand and increase its usability. However, Kolari has a clear purpose. They want their brand to be visually pleasing and unobtrusively visible through site navigation, on the other hand, it must be attractive, functional and useful. The rebranded landing page works well for a wide range of visitors, is technically stable and secure.

The redesign service:

The redesign service includes periodically changing the look of the site, adjusting the design to the needs of individual products, correcting various errors and quickly implementing the desired updates. Kolari testifies to the speed and dedication with which we approach all modifications that we deem necessary in our dialogue for the smooth functioning of your website. To our mutual satisfaction, we are in daily contact with Kolari.

Packaging design:

Packaging design for Kolari Vision products is another phase in our fruitful cooperation. Product packaging design refers to creating the exterior of a product. This includes choices in material and shape, determining graphic solutions and adequate graphics, choosing colors and fonts that we will use on the wrapper, box, can, bottle or any type of container. MDEUS collaborates with Kolari in creating a simple, visually light, attractive and high-quality packaging design for their customers.



Website traffic and the number of conversions give us an insight into the success of our entire business and cooperation. Statistics testify to the increase in sales and the continuous growth of Kolari’s business model, but it is not up to us to list them in detail, but to continue the dedicated work on this platform, a work that both Mdeus and Kolari are at the root of transformation. We hope to continue to grow together!

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