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Glimpses of the World is a travel blog that will take you on a journey around the world through specific images, stories and travelogues. Glimpses is also a presentation website with an online store, which offers professional consulting services and educational content for anyone who wants to learn more about different cultures. The main goal of this site is for visitors to experience the world around us in a completely new way. Therefore, our client, as a versatile person full of enthusiasm, realized in time that his online presence is necessary in order to successfully communicate his unusual and authentic experiences. His mission was to convey his impressions to a large number of people.

The client approached our team with the idea to successfully highlight their services and knowledge in just a few websites. For the Meus team, this was a great challenge, to which we responded very successfully. We decided to make a simple and functional design, soft and warm colors. In order to highlight the client’s photos more clearly, as well as the text that accompanies them, it was necessary for the elements to suggest a kind of ‘home’ atmosphere. To deepen our interaction with visitors, we dropped the CTA button and linked the website to all the social networks the client uses. Then we set the SEARCH button in several positions and thus made it easier to navigate through the content of the website. As an option to create an online store that best matches WordPress, we used the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is a great solution because it gives the customer complete control over the store, products, their parameters and other data that should be transparently displayed there. Bearing in mind that as much as 80% of website visits come from mobile phones, we approached the design of the responsive version of the website very carefully. In this way, the client is enabled to operate successfully on the Internet.

Our Methodology


The client submitted all the necessary content for the blog and online store. Based on this adequate content, we have formed several strategies for creating a website. All photos are accompanied by certain content, which our team implemented and arranged using unique design solutions. As the site is also a store, it is very important that the products and their description are properly arranged by category. Also, the blog page is full of various content, which needs to be clearly and concisely categorized for better visibility.


At the explicit request of the client, the design solution of our team had to be visually refreshing, functional, pragmatic and flexible. Therefore, we first performed a kind of categorization of the entire website. We had in mind that this site is in fact primarily a blog in its form, so we decided to set a button to search for blog texts, as well as to categorize the texts themselves by name, i.e. destination. Then we started creating an online store. In accordance with the request, we have divided all products into three categories. We used a “watermark” for certain product categories. As an option, when it comes to e-books (pdf or epub) we also used taxonomy. Finally, the category in which the client offers professional consulting services is presented on a separate page showing the prices of services in 3 user packages. We made a special CTA button that invites the visitor to contact our client and schedule an appointment with him. The Mdeus team always puts special emphasis on connecting the client with the visitors, so we created the option of subscribing to the mailing list, connected all social networks to the website and especially emphasized the important content on the home page. At the request of the client, the site was made bilingual.

WooCommerce is a plugin that uses the full potential of WordPress SEO benefits, so SEO in this case has brought great results. The responsive version required a great deal of attention and attention, because it was necessary for the site to work on a variety of devices. Responsiveness has proven to be dominant in evaluating our website performance.

Glimpses of the world



After the team of designers presented a functional solution for displaying content, the team of developers started with the realization of visual solutions. The website is reviewed because navigating through its content is similar to a blog on the one hand, while on the other hand it contains the simplicity of an online store. When it comes to traveling through the website, each visitor will have a unique experience, because the look of the site combines exciting content and quality design solutions.


When designing a website or platform, it is very difficult to combine the character of the presentation site with the requirements of the online store. However, as we responded to requests for functionality, design, load speed, and search engine optimization, we were able to track how the presentation site and online store easily merge into an authentic version of the blog. The Mdeus team made good use of all the software and design solutions at its disposal, and created a unique website that will certainly remain noticeable in the eyes of visitors.


Responsive version, ie. RWD (responsive web design) is very important in the overall structure of a website or platform. Its detailed and precise production is especially important if the client requires a web shop to present their services or products. That is why it is important that the entire responsive version works flawlessly, but also that it looks nice. We have successfully responded to this challenge, as well as to the client’s expectations. A site that looks like a blog at first glance also contains a complex SEO strategy characteristic of a web store.

In the end, the client received a quality web presentation and thus successfully positioned itself on the global network and placed its content in the world of online commerce.

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