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Štamparija Nikitović

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Štamparija Nikitović is a printing house with many years of experience and a wide range of products. During their work, they have collaborated with a large number of clients. Following the modern trends in printing and graphics, and customer requirements, they wanted to create a website, simple design, whose content will be enriched with always updated pdf service catalogs and current price lists, as well as video presentations of the production process. In this way, potential customers will always be able to find out what the current offer is, what the current promotions are, what new products are in the printing range.

Our team created a new site for the Nikitović printing house, and in that way the printing services became closer to the clients. We connected the website with the social networks of the printing house and thus increased the number of visits redirected from social networks. By inserting a contact form on the site, we have enabled the site to become the main medium for communication with potential customers, and thus we have increased the number of inquiries and calls.

Our Methodology

Having in mind the needs of the client, we have divided the concept of website design into the following steps:

Content writing:

Gathering all the necessary information and content necessary to create a website. The client demanded that all the necessary info and photos be downloaded from the social network Facebook, and that all written content be done by a contest writer.

Design and development:

Since the client owns the logo, all the colors that appear in it are further used on the site: in the header, main menu, mini elements in the texts. Also, the client demanded that a large share of the site be photos of his previous projects, so that attention was paid to this when designing the website. A video of one of the production processes was added to the content of the site.

Site optimization:

Adjust SEO optimization so that the site is successfully positioned.

Release and final comments:

After the release of the final version, we collected additional comments from the client.



Successful content creation:

The content on the site is created very clearly and concisely, so the process of finding a particular product, by potential customers of the printing house, is extremely easy and simple. Photos, which occupy a large part of the website, allow the potential client to experience the visualization of their needs.

Simple and effective design:

The website is designed to offer information on the complete range of services. Navigation is easy, and the display of images from the gallery is clear. The graphics are compatible with the client’s logo, which contributes to a better look and functionality of the site.

Responsible site:

The site is designed to be responsive, so it adapts to the resolution of the device from which it is read.

Successfully implemented optimization:

Our team has carefully approached SEO, by defining important keywords, so that our client’s website is highly positioned in the search engine.

With good marketing promotion and quality presentation on social networks, this site has the potential to come to life in full capacity, and reach its target group of users and providers.

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