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ISUE is a presentation site with the design and technologies that this agency currently uses and represents. This site is used to show the performance and capabilities of the technologies that ISUE brings to customers, ie to present the desired loading speed, quality SEO, and successful design combined with precisely defined content.

In terms of content, ISUE began with a focus on the history of Uzice. The photographs were collected as archival material in combination with contemporary design. Our goal was to get a design solution that would combine work on performance and technology with the photographic history of the city, in the collision of archival material and very moderate corporate design.

As part of the development of the site concept, ideas have multiplied around how to integrate a visual identity based on archival material that begins to resemble a museum or archive site, with the commercial needs of a digital agency presenting its technical capabilities. In terms of technology, our website development services go very far (from hosting services, platform and application development, through web design, to marketing strategies and branding), and therefore it is important to find space to find space to present all these services. .

The need to present all this commercially and progressively is very successfully integrated with the second layer, which is archival-oriented. In order to shape the site’s ranking well, the content had to respect the history of the city presented within the visual identity, with concise descriptions of the services offered by ISUE.

ISUE has resulted in a presentation site that contains elements of innovative and unusual visual identity.

Our Methodology

Content implementation:
From the very beginning, the content of the site was determined by the business profile of the client. The client has shown confidence in our team in creating their necessary content. Our content writer used his experience and conceived the content very clearly, directly and marketing-oriented. In that way, all the activities of the agency are clearly presented. The photographs that predominate on the site are based on archival material and have been very successfully integrated with the written content of the website.

Design and development:
Our team of professional designers has created a unique logo for the client’s needs. The colors used in it determined the colors that will be displayed in the overall design of the website. The solution should have been simple, but clear and perfectly integrated into the whole. The most important thing, bearing in mind that this is a presentation website, is that all client services are presented with an emphasis on mission and vision. Specially designed icons that are associated with the services provided by the client also contribute to the uniqueness of the design. We also added a few boxes with a hover effect, through which we made the presentation of services more effective. Having in mind the client’s desire to connect the past and the present through the website, something that has passed with something that should follow the most modern trends in the industry in which it operates, the overall design was one big challenge.

There is no need to waste words on the importance of good optimization. The client completely left the trust to us. Already through writing content, our team started SEO integration, and by further work on the website, the integration was only upgraded through the stages of its development. The design and structure of the website meet the technical requirements and standards of search engines, which is very important for both SEO and the presentation of client services. The website must be tailored to the people who will visit it. Our team had just that in mind.

Fully responsive final version:
The number of people who visit websites via mobile phones is increasing day by day. We have designed a responsive version that absolutely shows all the performance that this website has. After the release of the live version of the site, our team checked all aspects of responsive functionality and corrected them.



Quality content:
Presentation websites must have transparent and compelling content. Our team made this possible by combining a series of photographs of old Užice and written content showing the client’s business orientation. Photos and content have been satisfactorily integrated into one consistent whole. We made sure that the site was of marketing quality in order to be positioned at the top of the search. With this content, the client will surely gain a loyal audience, and attract new users, and at the same time increase the ranking with the help of high-quality information that can be found on the website.

Unique design:
The website is your window into the business world. A well-designed logo is a sign that you are on the right track. After creating the logo, the design is very important, it is important that it sets you apart from the competition. Our team has created a unique web display for the client, aesthetically appealing, with easy navigation. We paid special attention to the design of specific icons, with which the presentation of services provided by the client became even more professional. There are also a number of graphic elements, which we have fitted with fonts, images, colors, taking into account their relationship with other elements. With the combination of presentation elements, the web has become high-quality, reliable, video and, above all, original. All this will surely help our client to progress in business.

Optimized site:
Our client has undergone quality SEO optimization, with an prepared SEO strategy for the future. The result is a great ranking on search engines and hence easy to find a website.

Responsive version:
The complex design for the desktop or tablet version should be transferred to the mobile version. Here it is especially important to keep the performance, visual and technical characteristics of the basic design solution and its implementation. Our team responded to this task very successfully and found adequate solutions. The website is displayed very quickly, without delays and errors on the mobile phone, showing all the key segments of the presentation.

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