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Volleyball club “UŽICE” was founded on September 15, 2001. Since then, until today, a large number of players have played for the club, who have achieved notable results. Today, the men’s team of the club competes in the First B League. The client contacted our team with the desire to redesign the existing site, so that the site would be more functional. Also, they needed a new logo, and a new way of showing all sports news (sports news, sports results, review of played matches, live broadcasts).

Guided by extensive experience and knowledge in this field, Mdeus immediately recognized the client’s requirements and turned them into an interesting, educational, interactive website. We first started to create an impressive logo, and then to create a new design of the site. This included the creation of a complex navigation menu, which includes a drop down menu, with a large number of subcategories, which displays the results of matches, photos of matches by season, etc .. We have connected the site with all active social networks used by the club provide sports fans with a specific way of interacting with the sports organization itself.

Our Methodology

In order to achieve the best possible results, we have divided the work on this project into several steps:

Collection of content:

Since the client already had a website, much of the content was taken from the old version, except for current photos and all the information that has been collected in the meantime. This time, the client asked to have a rich gallery at the presentation, as well as all the information about the club members, matches and all the successes of the club. The client provided all the necessary content.

Design and development:

The client requested the creation of a new logo, so it was approached with great care. Then work was done on the redesign, in which personal photos of the club and the players will prevail. Also, the client’s request was that the site has a special system for calculating the points that the club has, and that there is a possibility to list the results of all matches.

Site optimization:

It is necessary to perform SEO optimization of the site, for a better position in the search engine. Also, additional optimization of the new topic is necessary due to the insertion of tables, in order for the site to have a quality responsive version.

Release of the live version and final comments:

After the release of the live version, we collected additional data on the functionality of the website, as well as collecting all comments, compliments and ready-made solutions.


Successful creation of content:

The content on the site is written with great care, so that it includes all current information regarding the volleyball club, all about their achievements, current and future activities, planned matches, away games, points, etc. In that way, the client got a valuable tool with which he will establish proper interaction with sports fans, and website visitors will be able to satisfy their needs when it comes to sports information.

Complex design:

Our team has been able to respond to extremely complex customer requirements when it comes to design. A special table of points, a ranking list, has been formed, which is regularly updated after each activity. A navigation menu has been created, which is rich in information about the history of the club, photos, participants, competitions … The client is trained to independently, daily update the information on the home page.

Responsive site:

Our team has responded very effectively to a particular challenge, when it comes to the responsive version of the site. The site is now, with all the tables it has, equally effective on all devices.

Successfully implemented optimization:

Quality SEO optimization has been performed on the site.

OK UŽICE has received a very high quality website, which will help it in many ways to place itself better in the world of sports, in the world of fans and followers. Now that he has the tools to deliver a controlled message to a mass audience, it is quite certain that OK Uzice is well on its way to becoming the leading club in the region.

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