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Srce prirode project was created as a result of research and the founders’ search for a solution to their own health problems. The products they created are based on the use of Peruvian poppy, golden poppy or poppy, a tuberous vegetable from the Brassicaceae family. The products are 100% natural, absolutely organic, fully tested and certified. When you have this type of product in your hands, the only way to really help someone is to present it to them in a quality way, explain how to use it and thus make it more accessible. The client turned to our agency for that very reason.

After consultations, the Mdeus team started creating an online store. The client already had a website, but very poor performance, so we knew from the beginning what we should and should not do. We used the client’s logo, whose design was used as the basis for the design of the entire store pattern. Given our client’s vision, we chose to use the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress for the e-commerce platform. Given that the client does not have an extremely large number of products, but also that this plugin offers a number of convenient options and possibilities, WooCommerce was the optimal solution. Of special importance for the client was the creation of a blog page, then the FAQ page and the option to subscribe to the newsletter. All of this has enabled our client to present themselves online, to create a large customer base, and to receive feedback from their customers / users.

Our Methodology

Creating product categories:
The client already had content created that consisted of photos and product descriptions. He gave us this large database, which we divided into several groups. We have included a price range, filters and enabled the sorting of products using them. We matched each product with an appropriate description and frequently asked questions.


WooCommerce and WordPress:
By choosing WooCommerce, the client was given the opportunity to have complete control over the operation and appearance of the store, at a much lower initial cost. The client is also enabled to manage not only digital products but also their stocks. We will also add various payment options, integration with the email service, constant updates and the ability to create a large user community. Our team of designers has implemented a number of innovative solutions for the smooth operation of this online store. A simple drop down menu has been created, so that moving visitors through the site has become extremely easy. A series of sections in which we have inserted specially designed and animated icons, have made this website unique. In order to enable the client to position better, we have inserted a special section with references, a section of useful tips and a blog page, which make this online store exceptional.


One of the benefits of WooCommerce
The plugin is the fact that it is SEO friendly, ie it can help a lot in positioning on search engines. Google loves WordPress.


Responsive version:
It is very important for an online store to have a quality design and flawless functionality. The complete responsiveness of its content is also of great importance. In order for the client to be completely satisfied, our team approached the indicated tasks with great care.



Properly distributed website pages:
Although the initial idea of the client was to create an online store where it is possible to buy products, during the work on the presentation, several other solutions were implemented that will bring the product closer to the end user. To support the site visitor, there is a blog and FAQ page. All content is properly arranged and blended with a range of educational texts that are easy to find and useful to read. Each text is supported by appropriate product photos.


Design that meets individual needs:
WordPress is a dynamic platform, and combines strong e-commerce frameworks and product definition flexibility, making it an ideal choice for current online store owners. By choosing a theme, creating a design and activating a number of useful add-ons, we got one serious internet presentation. We provided training to the client in order to easily access the system and exercise control over the operation of the store. It can now independently enter an unlimited number of new products, delete or edit them, add descriptions and photos, and have control over all services through a simple web interface. Also, there is the possibility of tracking the quantity, changing prices, inserting discounts, discount codes, managing orders and leaving reviews. Achieving one big community, in the seller-buyer-product relationship, is extremely important for any online store. Therefore, through the design of the site, we have provided the client with options to make that community a living organism in the future. On the web presentation there is a blog module with categorization and comment option, through contact forms, newsletter subscriptions … The client has built-in analytics, which provides him with regular reports to track sales by date, so the client can see which products are best selling customer information, all through a simple diagram. In the end, the client received a unique web shop with accurately and clearly presented products.


Successful optimization:
WooCommerce is a favorite in the SEO community, which makes SEO product optimization far easier. By choosing this plugin, our team made the best decision for the client, both in terms of store design and its optimization.


Responsive version:
Creating a web shop in a responsive version is something in which our team has a lot of experience. The client received a completely responsive version, with flawless design, functional solutions and presentation performance. Responsive display is just as good as on the desktop.

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