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This client contacted our team because he seeked to have a high quality digital presentation for the proper development of his business.Lekovic Law Office turned to our agency to present legal services it provides, and in that way to stand out in the eyes of potential clients.

We designed a unique logo for the client, which colors we later  used throughout the design of the website. The unique design is complemented by personal photos of the client. Having in mind that this website is a presentation, we have created several pages, which bring the services of our client closer to his potential clients. We made this easier by inserting a 3D flip box on the home page. We made easier manipulation  by inserting a drop-down menu into the navigation menu. We have enhanced the visual identity by creating numerous animations. In order for visitors to become potential customers, we have inserted a contact form and sections that call for action.

Our Methodology

We approached the creation of the website by following these steps in the process:

Understandable and professional content:
The entire content is determined by professional terminology, so everything that we nedeed for the website was submitted by the client. In order to message  be clearly carried out, it was necessary to arrange the existing content correctly.

Our team created a unique logo for the client’s needs, and its design was the basis for the design of the entire website. A large part of the website consists of photos of the client and his business associates. It was necessary to briefly present the services provided by the client.

Site optimization:
We performed quality SEO optimization for the website, in order to have the best possible positioning and visibility in the browser.

Live version and final comments:
After the release of the live version, we continued to examine the functional characteristics of the website, gathering all the necessary comments and information.


Successful implementation of professional content:
Our client has explained all of his services through short texts, and we have successfully implemented them throughout the entire website design.

Functional design:
For the needs of our client, in creating the design, the emphasis was to stand out from the competition and present themselves in a unique but simple way. We achieved this by creating a design that is compatible with the client’s logo, which contributes to better appearance and functionality of the website. By setting up a large number of sections which call for action, we have increased the number of contacts the client makes.

Successfully performed optimization:
The number of visitors to the website is extremely large, which supports the fact that the SEO optimization was performed very well.

Responsive version:
The compatibility of the website with its responsive versions is extremely important for the client. That is why our team has made a quality display of the web presentation on all devices.

With this project, we helped the Lekovic Law Office to present itself on in a quality and concise manner, to stand out from other similar ones, and thus to increase the number of clients and collaborations that it will achieve in the future.

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