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Apartments “Sokolarica” on Tara were built in 2007. From then until today, a large number of people have stayed in them. In addition to accommodation, the owners of these apartments wanted to offer their guests something more. The idea was that interested visitors have an online booking service, the opportunity to quickly learn more about their entire offer and to get more detailed information about the tourist facilities of the Tara Mountains. Presenting relevant information in one place, we applied our knowledge to help them successfully implement the idea.

The client did not have a logo or a website. The Mdeus team and their designers set out to create a unique logo, whose colors dominate the design of the entire site. We have created special sections that invite visitors to the action. We are especially proud of the unique design of the footer section, which, in addition to basic information, also contains a Google map with coordinates, so that interested guests can more easily find Sokolarica apartments. With the help of a special booking plugin, our team of designers has created a unique form, which, after the visitor enters the necessary data, lists the apartments based on availability, price and capacity. Visitors can easily and without unnecessary activities to book accommodation. Owners immediately receive an email informing them of activities from their website. In this way, we enabled the owner of the apartment to interact better with the visitors and reduced all the costs of commissions that he had previously paid for the same form. Finally, we created a special blog page with interesting texts about attractions and activities on Mount Tara. They can bring you closer to this beautiful mountain and deepen your interaction with it.

Our Methodology

Creating and collecting content:

Since the client did not have a website, the first task of our team was to create concise content based on the information provided by the client that will highlight their qualities, attract the attention of visitors and invite them to action. We additionally processed the photos provided by the client, increased their visual quality and fitted them into the unique look of the website.

Creating a unique design and online form:

The first task for our designers was to create a logo for the client. The client wanted to connect the logo with a certain symbolic pattern. Our team of experienced designers has successfully responded to that request. After creating the logo, we started creating design solutions for the entire website. The design is designed “in the mountain spirit”, so that its interior is compatible with the view of Tara and the service that the client has been providing for years. This can be seen especially in the footer section, as well as in all the sections we have set up with the goal of getting visitors to the action. A big task for our developers was to create an online booking form and adjust it to flawless functionality in correlation with all the special offers that the client wants to highlight. At our suggestion, a blog page was created for the client, which will enable him to better present his offer, and to reach a significantly larger number of potential visitors. When it comes to the functionality of the web presentation, a special challenge was creating a responsive version, as it is quite different from the design of the desktop version.


In order to enable the best positioning of our client on search engines, but also better search results compared to the competition, we have approached a serious SEO process.

Final version:

When we released the website live, we spent some time monitoring the functioning of all important parameters. We also started collecting comments from the audience and started forming impressions about our client’s target groups.



Correct creation and implementation of content:

Based on the available data, the content writer created informative and exciting texts, which fluidly fit into the visual identity of the website. We gave the client instructions for further writing of blog texts and educated his staff for successful input and presentation of content. For this occasion, we created several mini tutorials. In the end, the website is decorated with both descriptive and educational content.

Impressive and functional design:

The Mdeus team of designers and developers, while working on this project, was up to the task. We have created the design in accordance with the conditions and criteria that the client uses in his business. The sought-after design is dominated by gentle and warm tones combined with striking graphic elements. The client also received a booking form, a unique online booking system. We then trained the client to enter the price range and availability, but also to approve bookings that arrive from future guests. In this way, his interaction with potential clients is drastically increased, and with it the possibility of our client to reach a larger number of users. The responsive version of the website is designed with certain modifications, in order to be equally impressive, but also easier to handle. The result of our work is a website that will stand out for its uniqueness, functionality and impeccable design.

Successfully performed optimization:

With this website, the client wanted to make his business easier, to improve it with additional solutions and to stand out in the industry in which he has been operating successfully for years. As the crown of every successful web design, we have done exceptionally high quality SEO. Our team paid special attention to that, and the results of patient work were, increased loading speed and greater success in generating leads.

With this project, the apartments “Sokolarica” ​​on Tara got their new logo and their new ID card on the Internet, which will certainly successfully present them and their service, but also set them apart from the competition.

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