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Almost original is a unique brand on the textil  market, whose founder is an experienced graphic designer. The client turned to our team, in order to create an online store for him.

The Mdeus team has created many online stores for different clients, but each new project is a challenge for our team.  Our designers adapted the chosen template solution to answer   the client needs. We decided to use WooCommerce plug-in to create e-commerc platform, keeping in mind its good integration with WordPress. WooCommerce comes with several  powerful options, which makes it easier for our client to sell and manage his online store. By adding these modules, we have enabled uninterrupted passage of customers through all phases of online shopping, simple search of the product database, and easy management of the store administration  by the client. In the end, the client got one big user / customer base, which can help him to use the full potential of the internet market.

Our Methodology

Product distribution:
The client provided  a large database with photos of the products and their detailed description. Through the online store, our team sorted the products into categories and subcategories, inserting detailed information about each product individually (availability, size, color, design, etc.).

Topic adaptation:
Our design team had the task of adapting the theme chosen by the client, so that everything would be presented flawlessly and faithfully. When it comes to online shopping, we have provided  a good relationship of independence and quality for the client, by using WooCommerce. The client  can independently enter products, create a gallery, track and view orders, thereby the number of products to enter is unlimited. Each product is clearly presented through appropriate attributes and variations, so it is easier for customers to find a specific one. We also inserted filters for price range, connected the store with several payment systems (card, payment slip, cash on delivery, Pay Pal …). We have enabled the client to set the product in action and assign special prices. When the customer creates a shopping list, he will be able to see the price of the product, the delivery price and the possibility to insert the discount code.

In order to increase the base of users / customers, we have enabled the site to display customer statements about the previous experience with the seller through reviews, and we have linked the site to the social networks used by the client.

Our team performed quality SEO optimization in order  to maintain the required speed, flexibility, response and rating, for clients online store.

Effective responsive version:
It is very important, for this type of website, that the responsive versions work flawlessly and look like that. It is a great challenge for our team to create an online shop for responsive variants, if we look the high expectations that these options must achieve.

Almost Original


Successful creation of store content:
After deployment of the product into categories and subcategories, we have  got a web shop with an attractive appearance, where with a small number of clicks the visitor reaches the desired place. All products are presented with clearly stated data (price, color, description …) and with enough photos. They also come with simple payment and ordering forms, as well as detailed email notifications of purchases and deliveries.

WooCommerce as an integrated solution:
When our designers made the decision to use WooCommerce as a plug-in, they knew they had more freedom to customize the brand in terms of design, because through a website it can fit perfectly with the brand as a great and reliable e-commerce solution. Many extensions, add-ons, which affect the functionality of the website, have made this web shop easy to use and manage.

The potential buyer can log in, register, choose size, color,  gender, add product to favorites, read detailed product description, get warranty and recommendation for reviewing similar products, create wish lists and leave product reviews. This way of trading saves the clients time and money, but also provides him a constant online presence.

Successful optimization:
WooCommerce is second in the overall SEO scoring when it comes to e-commerce solutions, because together with Word Press it is a stand-alone product, which uses the full potential of WordPress SEO benefits. With this solution, our team has made the best decision for the client and his presentation.

Final version:
When we launched our client’s online store, we examined the functionality of each segment in detail, and made sure that everything worked smoothly.

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